Board of Directors

Our 2017 Board of Directors:

President: Bryson Ley
Bryson's professional singing career started as a paid (twenty-five cent/wk) church choirboy at age 8. He continued singing through HS and in college was member of the Dartmouth Injunaires who sang close harmony a capella music. As a singing busboy in Aspen, he managed to eat and ski for a year before going on to medical school. Since he found barbershop 13 years ago, he has enjoyed every minute, first with the Wilmington Cape Fear Chordsmen and now with the Land of the Sky Chorus, and also the Interntional competitor, Carolina Vocal Express.
   Other lives have included speciality medical practice in endocrinology and faculty teaching positions at Brown University and UNC Chapel Hill. He is also Father to a handsome son and daughter-in-law, Grandfather to a beautiful granddaughter, and fortunate to be in a long and happy marriage.

Secretary: Jim Gordon
Jim currently serves as chapter Secretary, member of the Music Team and Baritone Section Leader. He is the initiator and coordinator of the District Harmony Platoon which is designed to expand opportunities for all to experience the joy of singing in a quartet. During his 30 years experience with the Barbershop Harmony Society he has been active singing in choruses and in quartets. He has held every chapter office from President to Secretary.

Treasurer: Chris Byers
Chris currently serves as the chapter Treasurer.  Chris is relatively new to the Barbershop style of singing but has prior experience in singing all throughout high school and as a member of the South Carolina Governor's All Star Chorus. His Dad was a member of the Florence, SC chapter and Chris enjoyed listening to him  sing barbershop during my early years.  "All the credit goes to my dad for exposing me to the barbershop style and getting me "hooked"."  Chris attended college at Greenville Technical College, studying construction engineering.  He is currently employed with the City of Asheville and has a loving wife and a beautiful daughter. 

VP Music: Randy Hagan
Randy came to the Land of the Sky Chorus from the San Antonio, TX Marcsmen, where he and son Trevor began their adventure with Barbershop. Although Randy had been singing for 50 years in various choral capacities (church and community choirs/choruses), he had never sung a cappella or barbershop. After joining the Marcsmen he knew he’d found his calling. Since then he has performed on the International stage, won a District novice quartet championship, and served as a chapter treasurer. Before moving to N. Carolina, Randy completed a 40-yr Air Force career and has retired here with his wife (a 30-yr AF retiree) and son Trevor. In addition to membership in Land of the Sky Chorus, he also sings with Carolina Vocal Express (on the International Stage!) and with Carolina Statesmen.

VP Membership: Justin Slack
Justin joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 2007, after an invitation from the director of the Gainesville, FL Chapter. He sang his first tag that evening and has been hooked ever since. In 2010, he moved to North Carolina and joined the Land of the Sky. Prior to barbershop, Justin was heavily involved in Chamber Choirs and Madrigal Groups, directing both small and large ensembles. He has performed in numerous musical productions in Buncombe and Haywood County. Along with singing with the Land of the Sky Chorus he sings Tenor with Supersonic, the 2015 Carolina's District Champion Quartet. Justin is passionate about music, believing that music provides self-confidence, builds imagination and intellectual curiousity and helps members feel a sense of achievement as they work together as a team.

VP Marketing:  Bob Burns
In 1976, after 30 years of glee club and choir singing, Bob was introduced to barbershop on a personal level by a friend. He sang with the Singing Buckeye Chorus, competing twice on the International stage, until a career move took him to Buffalo in 1984 and was basically out of barbershop until 2001, when he joined the Concord (NH) Coachmen. He met his now wife, Joyce Ramsey, and moved to Asheville, joining the Land of the Sky Chorus in Jan. of 2003. He has since served as VP of Marketing and PR for the Chapter, and the Dixie and Carolinas Districts. He has been President of the Asheville Chapter, and was their Barbershopper of the Year in 2006 and 2014. He is a proud member of the Harmony Foundation's President’s Council, and sings Lead for International chorus competitor, Carolina Vocal Express.

VP Youth in Harmony: Pete Kirchner
Pete has been a member of the chapter for 25 yrs and is currently Tenor section leader, Asst Director, and Music Committee Member. He recently accepted responsibility for our first Youth in Harmony VP. As well as singing, Pete has been a member of a professional dance troop for 30 yrs, performing on many of the biggest stages the country has to offer. And when not singing or dancing, he's likely to be found spelunking, or volunteering for the Red Cross. There's no way to keep him down!

Member at Large: Randy Johnston
Randy began singing at age 6 (!), and he has been a member of the LOS Chorus for 10 years, singing both lead and tenor. He also sings lead with Sh-boom and has been in several quartets in those years, and has also sung in two contests and attended Harmony University four years running. He also sings with the Carolina Vocal Express (on the International Stage!) Besides barbershop and breathing engineering, Randy has been in two gospel quartets and has cut three records with those quartets. He was named Barbershopper of the Year in 2016.

Member at Large: Beverly Greene
Beverly was added to our Board in 2015 as part of the Society's "Open Board" pilot program, and was the first women named to a BHS Board in the world!! She brings 25 years of work with the chorus, and was certified as a Leadership Facilitator for the Barbershop Harmony Society in 2016. Beverly has also chosen to continue facilitating the Compellingly Attactive Chapter Meetings (CACM) workshops she and her husband (the late Chuck Greene, former LOS and SOS director) created, further developing the workshops to stay current with the changing tides of both our hobby and society in general.  She is a project manager, trainer and facilitator and a website designer/developer when not kicking around getting muddy, besides singing bass with the SAI Song O'Sky Chorus for her own musical nourishment. Beverly is responsible for designing the chorus show programs, as well webmaster for this site.

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