the Barbershop Style

Why is this called the "Barbershop Style?"

Easy—we sing four-part consonant (as opposed to dissonant) a cappella harmony with lots of seventh chords.

Performances featuring barbershop harmony with comedy were mainstays during Vaudeville days, where happy, humorous well-paced entertainment and enduring popular songs had great appeal for any generation, and that's still true today. In fact, there’s a barbershop singing resurgence going on. The Asheville Chapter along with the many other Barbershop Harmony Society chapters is growing!

Take a moment to watch some (or all!) videos below, and get an idea of what this "Barbershop Style" means to quartets and choruses alike!

First enjoy two top-viewed popular videos on YouTube!
Main Street Quartet, Pop Songs Medley (2015), over 1 million views! Check out the transition to current Pop songs at 2:19
Ambassadors of Harmony, 76 Trombones, 2009 Chorus Champions. Over 2 million views on YouTube and still a favorite! It's not just about the singing...


And now, take a look at the variety!
Youth Chorus Festival Chorus, The Rhythm of Love (Plain White T's cover), 2016 Youth Festival Highlights
Spotlight, Put Your Head on my SHoulder, 2016 International Seniors Quartet Contest

And locally, from our own chorus:
Land of the Sky Chorus - Wrap your Troubles in Dreams 2009
MVP singing SOLD! with our chorus on our annual Franklin show,


We could just keep adding videos (but page load time is an issue.) Ask any one of our members, and they'd be glad to share their favorites with you!
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