Come Sing With Us

differently, but Yes, You Can!

Really, it's easy. If you've ever sung in public, sung in the car, sung in the shower, hummed along to the radio, serenaded your significant other, or generally enjoy making music, then you're a potential member of the Land of the Sky Chorus. If you're a guy, that is. Gals, you can be a member of our Chapter, but for a chorus experience, but you can check out the newest chorus in town, A Cappella Alive!, or the Sweet Adeline affiliate Song O'Sky Chorus.

Weekly Rehearsals are always interesting! Any evening may consist of warm-ups, singing, technique training, singing, choreo, singing, quartetting, new song learning, singing, and tag learning (singing). As a visitor, you'll be welcomed, and hopefully will enjoy the evening with the best group of singing guys of all ages in Western North Carolina. Please see our Covid statement on the home page, if you are coming to visit!

We meet weekly, at the Cathedral of All Souls in BIltmore Village, at 9 Swan Street Asheville, NC 28803. Be there a bit before 6:30 on any Tuesday (time to find a parking place and check in) and listen or join in! We'll do a voice check, and be sure you find someone to sing with. 

All levels of musical ability and experience are welcome, as are all ages. Our youngest member joined when he was 11, our oldest is WAAAAY older than you are. We provide the music, learning materials, group vocal lessons, coaching, and camaraderie.

Also check out the latest on the Land of the Sky Chorus' Facebook page.

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