CARbershop-Asheville's Drive-In Rehearsals

CARbershop-Drive-In Barbershop 2020- no longer needed, but not forgotten!

It was 2020, and Covid restrictions had cancelled our ability to meet at our normal weekly in-person rehearsals. 

And we were so sad. Missing each other. Looking for the motivation to keep up with our music...and the excitement.

But, we found a way to still meet! Beginning in August 2020, our chorus had been meeting approximately once a month in (pre-approved) parking lots, with individual mics and FM headsets..we sing safely,..alone but together...and still share the sound with everyone around.

then we moved to the garage below Williams Sonoma in Biltmore Village, and met twice a month. Quite a bit of electronics (Thank you, Randy Johnston! We couldn't have done any of this without you!). We were safe from the weather, with plenty of parking.

We are now (as of Jun 2021) meeting in the same parking lit, singing outside our cars, protected from the weather but out in the fresh air.

And it went like this:
Members drove in to the designated parking lot and park facing the director and mixer board.  Members (one per vehicle) had their own mic on a stand, and chose to keep it on the stand, or bring it totally in to the vehicle. Our sound-guru, Randy Johnston, keys each mic channel to his mixer, IDs the member and their part (lead, bass, bari or tenor) and sets volume for the individual singer per their mic and voice. With their individual FM headsets, dialed in to the local nighly frequency, they can hear all singers, as if they shared the same room. Technology brings us together...all hail technology!

Our director, Kati Swinney, directs a full rehearsal, including warmups, short section work full songs, and even some tag teaching.  

We've included speakers to quietly show off to the neighbors or visitors.  Contact us at for more information, or watch our Facebook page..


We are also starting to take our barbershop on the road to local health care centers! We'll write more about that here as it happens.

Please check our Facebook page, for more current info...hope to see you soon!

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