A Collection of Annual Shows

The Land of the Sky Chorus has a long tradition of annual shows.

While we collect the photographs and covers, below is a list of the show titles to start! Everyone entertaining and unique...


2017   A Cappella Fest 2017
2016   The Best of Barbershop Harmony
2015   A Cappella/Barbershop Celebrations
2014   Kings of the Road
2013   The Bare Necessities
2012   It's Not My Vault
2010   Murphy's Law
2009  Shtick to Singing
2008  Barbershop Zone
2007  Kicked of Broadway???

2006  Waaaaay Off Broadway

Just to give you a very small taste...

From 2006 Waaaaaaay off Broadway...


From 2010-11 Murphy's Law:

Murphy's Law

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