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Kati Swinney: Music Director

Kati Swinney – Musical Director, Land of the Sky Chorus
As the Musical Director of the Land of the Sky Chorus, Kati brings a passion for harmony and a wealth of musical expertise to the vibrant world of a cappella singing. With a career deeply rooted in music, Kati has become a guiding force, leading the chorus to new heights of musical excellence and camaraderie.

A seasoned conductor and vocal coach, Kati has dedicated the past five years to honing the craft of four-part harmony, cultivating a unique and dynamic sound within the Land of the Sky Chorus. She has played a pivotal role in shaping the chorus into a tight- knit ensemble that captivates audiences with each performance.

Kati is strongly committed to fostering a sense of community within the Land of the Sky Chorus. Under her direction, the Land of Sky Chorus not only achieves musical excellence but also creates an environment where individuals can discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from harmonizing as one.

Join Kati and the Land of the Sky Chorus on a musical journey that transcends the ordinary, where each note resonates with passion, precision, and the sheer joy of creating harmonies that linger in the hearts of all who listen.

Andy Reach: Assistant Director


Section Leaders 2024:

Lead: Anthony Reach
Bass: Franklin Pierce
Baritone: Jim Gordon
Tenor: Matt Begley

Our Former Directors

We'd like to also recogize a few of our former directors, who are and were in front of us leading the way, and letting us take the spotlight.
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